The College Swing of Strasbourg
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Dance : England - France
Lindy-Hop (F), Modern-Jazz (GB), African dance (F), Contemporary dance (GB), Hip-Hop (F), Cuban Salsa (F), Samba (F),
Valtz (F)
, Tango (F), Rock'n'roll (F) , Boogie-Woogie (F), Balboa (F) , Bal-Swing (F), Collégiate Shag (F)...
with the
Collège Swing and his Abon'Dance Compagny
and their teachers from Strasbourg

Welcome - Dance teachers - Weekly classes - Evening parties -
- Shows

Shows, Courses, Weekly Classes and Workshops in France and abroad
If you wish to organize a Show, a live performance, a course or a workshop, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Katia MATARBrigitte LOISY and Jérôme BOURGOIN - Lindy-Hop

Weekly classes, Evening parties, Workshops
in and around Strasbourg - Plobsheim (8 mn via D468 direction south of Strasbourg)
and via the bridge ot the Rhin (5 mn from the German border)
Address and Direction - See timetables and fares

You like music, you like dance an you like it to swing ? Then, join us !

You like music, you like dancing
and you like it to swing !

Cie Abon'Danse from Strasboug
The College Swing dancers are used to work in good humer,
in a very good atmospher...

The College Swing was founded in 1997 by Jérôme BOURGOIN to promote authentic jazz and swing dances in Strasbourg and around.
In 2000, he's joined by Brigitte LOISY who becomes his assistant and dance partner.
In 2005, they're joined by Didier GUICHARD and Xxx XXX, two professional dancers, dance teachers and choreographers in charge of the Artistic Direction of the compagny (The College Swing).

If you wish to organise any event (show, workshop), get in touch with us.

The College Swing dancers are use to work in good humer, in a very good atmospher...

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Our Dance Teachers
If you want to dance with our teachers : weekly classes - Workshops

Contemporary dance, Modern-Jazz
Hip-Hop, Cuban Salsa,
Latin & Ballroom,

Didier vous transmettra toute son énergie et ses compétences en matière de danse

Didier GUICHARD (contact)
Dancer, dance teacher,
& scene director

Artistic biographie

Didier GUICHARD was born in Reunion island, where he began his training before joining the London Studio Centre from 1994 to 1997.
Since his graduation, Didier has performed and taught dance all over Europe with companies such as Jazz Xchange, Dancing and Singing the Blues, Bullies Ballerinas, the Dance Movement, Wildlife Jazz Dance Company...
He, then, worked with choreographers such as
Robert NORTH, Matt MATTOX, Patrick DELCROIX, Claud Paul HENRY, Stewart ARNOLD, Ryan FRANCOIS, Henri OGUIKE, Sheron WRAY, Jeannette BROOKS...

His variety of styles, including ballet contemporary, jazz and street dances, latin and ballroom dances have led him to dance roles in films "Last orders", High Heels", "My wife is an actress"... and many commercials.
Dancers for Britney SPEARS, he demonstrated his choreographic skills for the Queen's jubilee performance by the Berkshire Youth Dance Company (2002).
He also perfomed with Bullies Ballerinas Company at the world jazz dance congress of Wiesbaden in Germany under the direction of Gus GIORDANO in 1997.
Didier recently graduated from the latin and ballroom dance teaching Institute of Toulouse where he trained for the last two years beside teaching and choreographing.
He's now settled in Strasbourg teaching in many different places (University, Youth Centers, private and public dance schools...).



Boutique à Strasboug de
vêtements, chaussures
et accessoires de danse

Contact - Renseignements
Présentation de la boutique

Le Collège Swing de Strasbourg & sa Cie Abon'Danse et sa Cie Abon'Danse


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Simply Pure Swing !!!


Authentic rock'n'roll
Lindy-Hop (swing), Balboa
Boogie-Woogie, Valtz...

Jérôme will be delighted  to share his passion for swing music and dance.
Jérôme BOURGOIN (contact)
Lindy-Hop teacher
and choreographer

Artistic biographie
Jérôme BOURGOIN was trained by the moste prestigious lindy-hop dancers (F. MANNING [USA], H. & K. NORBELIE [S], S. MITCHELL [USA], Diane & Rob VAN HAAREN [USA], Angela ANDREWS [GB] and LES FOUS DU SWING [F].)
His training and wide musical background allow him to work at a very high standard of level.
With a very pure and authentic lindy-hop approach, Jérôme's teaching is based on musical precision with a touch of improvisation as well as being very entertaining.
Since 1997, he has created numerous dance works for the College Swing.

Simply Pure Swing !!! _________________________

School dance

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Modern-Jazz Dance (Jazz Theatre Dance)

Classes are based on the work of the pioneering american choreographer, Jack COLE.
The technique provides an exhaustive system of complesc isolation exercices, wich form a logical extension to a classical training.
A dancer properly schooled in this technique acquires a high degree of co-ordination, together witch the facility for analysing movement, which is an essential Skill required for making rapid adjustement to the various styles.

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Contemporary dance

To ensure that both the aesthetic and physical aspects of current contemprary dance are thoroughly explored, classes are based on the use of various techniques such as Graham, Cunnigham, Limon and contact improvisation.

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