Collège Swing de Strasbourg
Collège Swing de Strasbourg
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Map + Itinnary
How to get the Blue House (Plobsheim)
in and aroud Strasbourg - Plobsheim (8 mn South of Strasbourg via D 468)
and via the bridge ot the Rhin (5 mn from the German border)

Accès en voitureAdress :
Canal street n°21A

Accès en voitureBy bus :
Line CUS n°63
Bus stop Plobsheim-Canal

Accès en voitureBy car :
from Strasbourg-Baggersee
via D 468
towards Marckolsheim
straight on to the traffic lights at Eschau
(Supermarket U on the right hand side)
get into Plobsheim
"street of the général Leclerc"
up to the traffic lights
straight on
then turn right before the church
"church street on D222"
turn right again before the canal bridge
"Canal street"
to the "Blue House" n°21A
at he end of the street on the left

Accès en avionSince airport of Strasbourg-Entzheim :
around 15 mn by car

Accès à Plobsheim
Accès à la rue du Canal
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